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Weather causes 24-hour delay for Soyuz-STA flight of Sentinel-1B

Arianespace VS14 Soyuz STA rocket with Sentinel 1B mission is rolled out in preparation for a Apr. 22, 2016 launch. Photo Credit: Jeremy Beck / SpaceFlight Insider

Photo Credit: Jeremy Beck / SpaceFlight Insider

KOUROU, French Guiana — Prior to the fueling of the Arianespace Soyuz-STA rocket, the technical review determined that the weather conditions at the launch site in Sinnamary, French Guiana, were not optimal and the launch has been delayed 24 hours.

Both the rocket and its precious cargo of the Sentinel-1B Earth-observation satellite and other secondary payloads have been placed in a “standby mode” and have also been secured in preparation for a Saturday, April 23, launch attempt.

The rough weather above the Guiana Space Center was set to strike right about the time of tonight’s planned launch. The launch countdown was halted and fueling of the Soyuz-STA rocket was not started.

If tomorrow’s weather conditions hold firm, the launch window is set to open at 06:02:13 p.m., (local time in French Guiana) 05:02:13 p.m. EDT, 22:02:13 GMT.


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