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Upcoming Missions This Year for: Delta IV

Dec 18 NROL-71
Vehicle Delta IV Heavy
Location Vandenberg AFB SLC-6
Time 5:57 PM PST / 2018-12-19 01:57:00Z

A ULA Delta IV Heavy rocket will launch the NROL-71 payload for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office. NROL-71 is most likely a Keyhole KH-11 image reconnaissance satellite.

Missions No Earlier Than 2019 for: Delta IV

Jan 23 WGS-10
Vehicle Delta IV Medium+ (5,4)
Location Cape Canaveral AFS SLC-37
Time 6:00 PM EST / 2019-01-23 23:00:00Z
Window 6 hours

Boeing Satellite Systems was selected to develop the WGS system as successors to the DSCS-3 series of DOD communications satellites. This will be the 10th satellite of 12 to be launched.