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Upcoming Missions This Year

NETMay Chandrayaan-2
Vehicle GSLV Mk III
Location Satish Dhawan Space Centre SLP
Time TBD

India's second robotic mission to the Moon will be launched by a GSLV Mk II rocket. The Chandrayaan-2 mission will include an orbiter, lander and rover. Once in orbit around the Moon, the lander/rover combo will detach from the orbiter to descend to the surface. Once landed, the six-wheeled rover will be deployed. Meanwhile, the orbiter will perform remote-sensing activities.

NETJun 27 Meteor M2-2
rka tsskb-progress
Vehicle Soyuz-2
Location Vostochny Cosmodrome LD1
Time TBD

A Russian government Soyuz rocket will launch with the Russian Meteor M2-1 polar-orbiting weather satellite.

NETJul 6 Soyuz MS-13
iss tsskb-progress
Vehicle Soyuz-FG
Location Baikonur Cosmodrome LC-1
Time TBD

A Roscosmos Soyuz-FG rocket will launch a crewed Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station with members of the next Expedition crew members--Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Skvorzov, Luca Parmitano, and Andrew R. Morgan. The capsule will remain at the station for about six months, providing an escape pod for the station's residents.

NETJul 31 Progress MS-12
iss tsskb-progress
Vehicle Soyuz-2
Location Baikonur Cosmodrome LC-31
Time TBD

A Russian government Soyuz rocket will launch the 73rd Progress cargo delivery ship to the International Space Station.

NETJul Shijian 20
Vehicle Long March 5
Location Wenchang Space Center LA-1
Time TBD

A Chinese Long March 5 rocket will launch the Shijian 20 communications satellite which will replace the Shijian 18 satellite lost in a launch failure in 2017.

iss mitsubishi
Vehicle H-IIB
Location Tanegashima Space Center Pad 2
Time TBD

A Japanese H-2B rocket will launch the eighth H-2 Transfer Vehicle. The HTV serves as an automated cargo vehicle to deliver equipment and supplies to the International Space Station.

Missions No Earlier Than 2019

NET2019 Chang’e 5
cnsa casc
Vehicle Long March 5
Location Wenchang Space Center LA-1
Time TBD

Chang'e 5 is a Chinese robotic mission to collect at least 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) of lunar soil and rock samples from Earth's moon and return them to Earth. This would be the first lunar sample return mission attempted by any nation since 1976.