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Upcoming Missions This Year

Dec 15 JCSAT 18 - Kacific 1
Vehicle Falcon 9 v1.2
Location Cape Canaveral AFS SLC-40
Time 8:38 PM EST / 2019-12-16 01:38:00Z

The JCSAT 18 / Kacific 1 communications satellite is being prepared to launch atop a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Space Launch Complex 40 in Florida. JCSAT 18/Kacific 1 was built by Boeing, but is owned by both SKY Perfect JSAT Corp. and Kacific Broadband Satellites and is designed to provide broadband services across Asia.

Vehicle Soyuz-2 (Arianespace)
Location Guiana Space Centre ELS
Time TBD

An Arianespace Soyuz rocket will carry the first COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation (CSG 1) radar surveillance satellite for ASI, the Italian space agency. The European Space Agency’s Characterizing Exoplanet Satellite, or CHEOPS, will fly as a secondary payload on the mission. Built by Airbus Defense and Space in Spain with a Swiss-developed science instrument, CHEOPS will observe transits of planets around other stars to measure their radii.

Dec 19 OneWeb-2
Vehicle Soyuz-2
Location Baikonur Cosmodrome LC-31
Time 6:00 AM ALMT / 2019-12-19 00:00:00Z

A Russian Federal Space Agency Soyuz-2.1b (which uses a Fregat upper stage) rocket has been selected to launch the OneWeb-2 satellite from the Baikonur Cosmodrone in Kazakhstan. Like SpaceX, OneWeb is also working to field a constellation of satellites meant to provide broadband internet services.

NETDec 19 Starliner CST-100 OFT-1
iss ula
Vehicle Atlas V 401
Location Cape Canaveral AFS SLC-41
Time TBD

Boeing's Starliner CST-100 Orbital Flight Test-1 (OFT-1) is the first test flight (uncrewed) of the new commercial spacecraft. Starliner is designed to fly on an Atlas-V N22 booster to carry astronauts to the International Space Station. The version of the Atlas V tasked with sending the space "taxi" to the ISS is different from other iterations of the rocket in that it has two engines in the Centaur second stage. Delayed from Dec. 17, 2019.

Dec 24 Elektro-L 3
rka khrunichev
Vehicle Proton-M
Location Baikonur Cosmodrome LC-81
Time 6:00 AM ALMT / 2019-12-24 00:00:00Z

The Russian Federal Space Agency plans to launch the Elektro-L 3 geostationary weather satellite atop a Proton-M (which utilizes a Block DM upper stage) rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrone's LC-81.

NETDec GPS 3-03
usaf spacex
Vehicle Falcon 9 v1.2
Location Kennedy Space Center LC-39A
Time TBD

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the U.S. Air Force’s third third-generation navigation satellite for the Global Positioning System. The satellite is built by Lockheed Martin.

Missions No Earlier Than 2019

Vehicle Vega
Location Guiana Space Centre ELV
Time TBD

This Vega rocket flight will launch several smaal satellites into orbit. among its payload are: Esail, Athena, Astrocast 1 (?10), GHGSat-C1, Lemur-2y (x TBD), PICASSO, SIMBA, DIDO-3, Royal Thai Air Force cubesat, NEMO-HD, TRISAT, FSSCat A, FSSCat B, IGOSat, PINO, QARMAN, Casaa-Sat.

NET2019 Crew Dragon Demo 2
iss spacex
Vehicle Falcon 9 (Crew Dragon)
Location Kennedy Space Center LC-39A
Time TBD

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch a Crew Dragon spacecraft on its first crewed test flight. NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken will fly on the Demo-2 mission to the International Space Station. The Crew Dragon spacecraft will return to a splashdown at sea.

Missions No Earlier Than 2020

Feb 5 Solar Orbiter
nasa ula
Vehicle Atlas V 411
Location Cape Canaveral AFS SLC-41
Time 6:15 AM EST / 2020-02-05 11:15:00Z

Solar Orbiter, a joint NASA/ESA (European Space Agency) mission, is designed to answer questions concerning the Sun. The spacecraft is slated to launch on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V 411 rocket from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral. NASA’s Launch Services Program will manage the launch.

NET2020 Chang’e 5
cnsa casc
Vehicle Long March 5
Location Wenchang Space Center LA-1
Time TBD

Chang'e 5 is a Chinese robotic mission to collect at least 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) of lunar soil and rock samples from Earth's moon and return them to Earth. This would be the first lunar sample return mission attempted by any nation since 1976.

Vehicle Falcon 9 v1.2
Location Vandenberg AFB SLC-4
Time TBD

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the SAOCOM 1B satellite for CONAE, Argentina’s space agency. SAOCOM 1B is the second of two SAOCOM 1-series Earth observation satellites designed to provide radar imagery to help emergency responders and monitor the environment, including the collection of soil moisture measurements.