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Steve Shurtleff has been interested in space since seeing the Space Shuttle Enterprise in his hometown of Colorado Springs back in 1985. Having escaped the IT field and looking for something new, Steve jumped into the Space arena full force. Relatively new to the space journalism field, he currently has his first space book in print - 'Out There: A Small Guide to a Big Universe', a collaboration with Joe Latrell. He is currently working on the follow up books in the series.

Articles By Steve Shurtleff

  • Busy times ahead for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

    January 3rd, 2015

    Development of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST ) is progressing as NASA scientists, technicians, and engineers retrofit Chamber A, a thermal vacuum chamber, which was originally used to test manned spacecraft is now being tasked in the production of this new space-based observatory. Once the modifications are complete, Chamber A will be called into service to test […]