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Moeller graduated from Texas Tech University's College of Architecture in 2008 and completed the graduate program in 2011. He covered the refueling stop of space shuttle Discovery at Rick Husband International Airport in 2009 after the orbiter had completed its mission to the International Space Station. Moeller also covered the build up to launch shuttle Atlantis on mission STS-132 in 2010 from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Moeller joined Max Q Entertainment in 2009, leading the development of the website as well as document production streamlining, graphics work and aiding video production for missions STS-125 onward.

Articles By Nathan Moeller

  • James Webb Space Telescope unveiled at NASA’s Johnson Space Center

    May 31st, 2017

    JOHNSON SPACE CENTER, Texas — NASA officials highlighted the work being done on the agency's next generation space-based observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope, on Wednesday, May 31. The event was held to mark the beginning of a series of tests that precede the telescope's launch to space.

  • NASA provides ‘insider’s’ look of JSC ahead of Super Bowl LI

    February 4th, 2017

    HOUSTON, Texas — "Houston, we have a touchdown...". That's what NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC) is set to announce when the agency supports Super Bowl LI, slated to be held in JSC's hometown on Sunday, Feb. 5. NASA held an event at JSC on Feb. 1 to highlight how JSC is preparing for the event.

  • Independence rises into history atop SCA at Space Center Houston

    August 15th, 2014

    HOUSTON, Texas — As Space Center Houston continues the march toward a planned 2015 opening of the Shuttle 747 exhibit, the Houston-based foundation reached another milestone today. The 171,860 lbs (77,954 kg). shuttle “hi-fidelity” mockup Independence was hoisted into place atop NASA’s original Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft or “SCA.” Dubbed the “Rise of Independence”, […]

  • From the runway to the highway – Shuttle Carrier Aircraft escorted to new home at Space Center Houston

    May 1st, 2014

    For nearly 18 months, the Boeing 747 which carried NASA’s space shuttle orbiters for more than three decades – was a common sight to Clear Lake residents, as the aircraft sat dormant at Ellington Field. This week, however, they got a very unique look at the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft or “SCA” as she rolled by their front […]

  • Space Center Houston steels itself for NASA 905’s ‘Big Move’

    April 28th, 2014

    HOUSTON, TX — The Boeing 747 is a mighty machine, one which was built to fly, not drive down an urban highway.  But the latter is exactly what NASA’s famous 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft will be doing tonight.  A 1,000-foot convoy of aircraft fuselage, wings, stabilizers and other plane parts will roll down Highway 3 in the Clear […]

  • Shuttle Carrier Aircraft NASA 905 meets its end – and a new beginning

    February 28th, 2014

    The end of an aircraft’s operational life is rarely pleasant.  Most are sold to scrapping companies, which reduce them to spare parts and bricks of aluminum to be recycled later.  Others are sent to a boneyard in Arizona to await a similar fate. Thankfully, that won’t be the case for NASA’s famous 747 Shuttle Carrier […]

  • NASA’s Shuttle Carrier Aircraft prepares for new role

    December 18th, 2013

    HOUSTON, Tex, — December 18th marks the first anniversary of the final flight of one of the most recognizable aircraft in aviation history.  The iconic NASA 905, a modified Boeing 747-100 which for more than three decades ferried the space shuttle orbiters, along with the flight test article of the orbiter, Enterprise – made her […]