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Dr. Jim W. Rice, Jr., is an Astrogeologist at the Planetary Science Institute, he has over 25 years research experience specializing on the surface geology and history of water on Mars. Dr. Rice is currently a Co-Investigator and Geology Team Leader on the Mars Exploration Rover Project (Spirit and Opportunity). Rice also has extensive mission experience as Associate Project Scientist on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and Mars Odyssey Orbiter Projects. He has been involved in Mars landing site selection and certification activities for every NASA Mars Mission since Mars Pathfinder. His career includes working for NASA, Astrogeology Headquarters of the United States Geological Survey, the Mars Spaceflight Facility located at Arizona State University and the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory located at the University of Arizona.

Articles By James Rice

  • The forgotten adventures of the Mariner Mars 1969 project

    July 31st, 2014

    The successful Mariner Mars 1969 Project (consisting of Mariners 6 and 7) and its flybys of the Red Planet – were mostly lost in the triumphant glare of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Coming only one week after the splashdown of Apollo 11 crew, Mariner 6 passed by Mars on July 31, 1969 at a then record close […]