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Jay Gallentine is an award-winning author and space historian, focusing primarily on unmanned solar system exploration. His books are notable for their deep research, conversational tone, and heavy use of original interviews with key individuals – Russian as well as American. His writing has also been praised for is straightforward explanations of complicated concepts. Gallentine's first effort, "Ambassadors from Earth" (University of Nebraska Press, 2009), detailed the turbulent early days of solar system exploration his second book, “Infinity Beckoned” was released in 2015.

Articles By Jay Gallentine

  • Motel Rooms and Gas Stations: How to Leave Mars

    October 24th, 2019

    One day in the future, humans might actually land on the surface of Mars. After collecting rock samples, taking photos and performing all the other tasks demanded by this mission, the intrepid explorers will then face a daunting challenge, one often overlooked by most - leaving.