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Jason Rhian began working to promote spaceflight awareness shortly after the loss of Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003. He entered college in 2004 pursuing a degree in public relations before interning at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in 2007. Shortly after the completion of his internship he worked to both complete his bachelor’s in public relations as well as complete the courses required for a degree in journalism. During his time in college he completed a second internship with NASA as well as volunteered countless hours to aid NASA, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Space Florida and many others in their efforts.

Rhian also volunteered and worked for several media outlets, to help him learn the trade. Some of these included,, Aviation Week & Space Technology, Universe Today and SpaceFlight Now. His work has appeared on MSNBC and with many other outlets. He built SpaceFlight Insider under the principle of providing the world with as diverse an array of content as possible, at no cost to the public while at the same time providing access and support to individuals who wanted to work in the space journalism industry. Numerous people owe Rhian a debt of thanks for giving them their start.