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  • New Horizons mission extension submitted to NASA; images of Pluto’s hazes show new detail

    Laurel KornfeldApril 21st, 2016

    As NASA's New Horizons probe reached the halfway mark in sending back data from July's Pluto flyby, members of the mission team submitted an extended mission proposal to NASA outlining a close flyby of a small Kuiper Belt Object on New Year's Day 2019.

  • New Horizons sends back Kerberos images, adjusts course toward next target

    Laurel KornfeldOctober 24th, 2015

    NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has returned images of Pluto's tiniest moon, Kerberos. In so doing, the far-ranging probe has shown it to be smaller than scientists expected with a highly reflective surface. The spacecraft was also commanded to begin shifting its trajectory to encounter a new Kuiper Belt Object (KBO).

  • KBO selected for New Horizons’ second target

    Laurel KornfeldAugust 31st, 2015

    Only a month and a half after New Horizons' historic Pluto system flyby, the mission team has selected a potential target for the spacecraft's second visit – the tiny Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) 2014 MU69, also known as "PT 1" (Potential Target 1). Orbiting almost a billion miles beyond Pluto, 2014 MU69 is estimated to have a diameter slightly under 30 miles (45 km).