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Jan 5 TJS 2

Long March 3B
Location Xichang Satellite Launch Center LA-2
Time 11:15 PM CST (UTC+8)
Window 1 second

A Chinese Long March 3B rocket will launch the TJS 2 satellite, the second spacecraft in a series of Chinese demonstration missions to test broadcast communications technologies.

Jan 14 Iridium Next 1-10

Falcon 9 v1.2
Location Vandenberg AFB SLC-4
Time 9:54:07 AM PST (UTC-8)
Window 1 second

A SpaceX Falcon-9 launch vehicle will send the first 10 Iridium NEXT telecommunications satellites to orbit. This is SpaceX's Falcon 9 Return to Flight after the loss of vehicle September 1, 2016, during the preparation for a static fire test.

Jan 20 SBIRS-GEO 3

Atlas V 401
Location Cape Canaveral AFS SLC-41
Time 7:42 PM EST (UTC-5)

The Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) is a consolidated missile-warning satellite system intended to meet the United States’ infrared space surveillance needs. SBIRS is an integrated “system of systems” that will include satellites in geosynchronous orbit (GEO), sensors hosted on satellites in highly elliptical orbit (HEO), and ground-based data processing and control.

Jan 24 DSN-2

H-IIA 204
Location Tanegashima Space Center Pad 1
Time 4:44 PM JST (UTC+9)
Window 1 hour, 14 minutes

The DSN 2 or Kirameki 2 is an X-band communications satellite built and operated by DSN Corporation for the Japanese Ministry of Defense.

Jan 27 Hispasat AG1

Soyuz-2 (Arianespace)
Location Guiana Space Centre ELS
Time 10:03:34 PM GFT (UTC-3)

Originally, the geostationary Hispasat AG1 communications satellite was scheduled to fly as a passenger on an Ariane-5 flight, but in late 2016 Arianespace moved it to a dedicated Soyuz-STB Fregat-MT rocket. After several delays from 2012, launch is now planned for January 2017.

Feb 14 SkyBrasil-1, Telkom-3S

Ariane 5 ECA
Location Guiana Space Centre ELA-3
Time 6:37:07 PM GFT (UTC-3)
Window 1 hour, 27 minutes

Launching aboard the VA235 Ariane 5 ECA rocket are two geostationary communications satellites: Intelsat 32e/SKY-Brasil 1 and Telkom 3S. Intelsat 32e/SKY-Brasil 1 was built at the request of DIRECTV to expand broadcasting service capacity across Brazil and ensure continuity of legacy services countrywide. Telkom-3S is a Indonesian communications satellite that replaces the Telkom 3 satellite which failed to achieve proper orbit.

Feb 15 Cartosat-2D + INS-1A + INS-1B

Location Satish Dhawan Space Centre FLP
Time 9:28 AM IST (UTC+5.5)

The 37th Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket will launch the Cartosat-2D Earth observation satellite and INS-1A and INS-1B nanosatellites for India. 101 nanosatellites from Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Switzerland and USA will also get a boost to orbit from the Indian PSLV rocket.

Feb 19 SpaceX CRS-10

Falcon 9 (Dragon)
Location Kennedy Space Center LC-39A
Time 9:38:58 AM EST (UTC-5)
Window 1 second

SpaceX will conduct its eleventh overall flight to the International Space Station, and the tenth of twelve planned Dragon/Falcon 9 flights supporting NASA's Commercial Resupply Service (CRS) program. The company's Dragon spacecraft will be loaded with approximately 6,627 lb. (3,006 kg.) of cargo, crew supplies, and experiments to be used on the orbiting lab.