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Commenting Rules

One thing we at SpaceFlight Insider have noticed is that there has been a push toward addressing the poor behavior of some who post comments. We applaud this, as we feel that manners, that not what you say, but rather how you say it – is important. As such, these are the guidelines for posting comments here:

SpaceFlight Insider is a troll free zone

  • Don’t resort to ad hominem attacks, threaten, bully, etc.
  • Don’t use foul or abusive language.
  • Don’t lie.
  • Don’t spam.
  • Check your ego at the door, don’t post condescending comments. If you’re unable to post a comment or reply without talking down to someone – don’t post.
  • Don’t discuss “B” when “A” is the topic. If you can’t address the points at hand – don’t post.
  • Don’t respond to each and every thing you deem as being critical of your point of view or with snarky comments, false claims of bias, negativity and so on. 

These are the basics, rules we hope we won’t have to expound upon. Those that violate these rules may find that their commenting privileges are revoked and that their past comments have been deleted – either with or without notification.

SpaceFlight Insider is staffed almost entirely by volunteers, folks who spend their time, funds and energy to provide you with this free resource. Please don’t display your appreciation for this by posting rude, snarky, condescending or inappropriate comments. If an SFI Team member takes the time to reach out to you about your comments and your reply is more rude behavior – the only thing you will have achieved is an immediate and permanent ban.

The Huffington Post and others now require those posting comments use their real names, Popular Science has stopped allowing comments to be posted altogether. It is thanks to individuals who are unwilling to behave properly that these actions have been taken.

While SpaceFlight Insider allows readers to post comments under “handles”- we will not allow the behavior highlighted above to go unaddressed. Sorry, this is not a new concept – it’s an old one – making a long-overdue comeback.

Commenting on SpaceFlight Insider is a privilege – not a right. As our staff is comprised primarily of volunteers – if we have to stop and address instances of poor behavior – it is highly likely your privileges will not be restored. When we have privately approached violators in the past with explanations as to why their privileges have been revoked – the reception has almost always been negative and we no longer view trying to get a small group of people to behave appropriately as being worth the time required to contact them.

SpaceFlight Insider was designed and built to share the excitement of space exploration with the world. For those wanting to use our vast array of content – we only ask that those wishing to do so – denote where you got it from.