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Jason Rhian spent several years honing his skills with internships at NASA, the National Space Society and other organizations. He has provided content for outlets such as: Aviation Week & Space Technology,, The Mars Society and Universe Today.

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  • SpaceFlight Insider celebrates 5 years with giveaway!

    September 28th, 2018

    TAMPA, Fla. -- In Sept. 2013 SpaceFlight Insider was formed around a core of hard-working, loyal professionals. Since that time, we have worked hard to continually improve our content and to make our viewers "insiders." To mark this occasion, we're offering a selection of prizes to new viewers who sign on to our "Insider Updates", YouTube Channel and to our Twitter and Facebook accounts. This is our way of thanking you for your great support!

  • Gallery: RS-25 test fired at Stennis

    September 25th, 2018

    STENNIS SPACE CENTER, Miss — Aerojet Rocketdyne tested one of its legacy Space Shuttle Main Engine in preparation for use on NASA’s Space Launch System on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018. The A1 Test Stand weathered an eight minute test fire at 109 percent throttle starting at 3: 15 p.m. EDT (19:15 GMT). Photos courtesy: Matt […]

  • Aerojet Rocketdyne test fires legacy RS-25 engine at NASA’s Stennis Space Center

    September 25th, 2018

    A former Space Shuttle Main Engine was tested today to test a key component of NASA's Space Launch System.

  • Gallery: Desolate Utah plains rumble with GEM 63’s fury

    September 21st, 2018

    PROMONTORY, Utah — Northrop Grumman’s GEM 63 solid rocket motor conducted its first test fire at 1 p.m. MDT (3 p.m. EDT / 19:00 GMT) on Thursday, Sept. 20. The motor was tested under “cold conditions” of approximately 40 °F. The GEM 63 series is being developed for use on United Launch Alliance’s Atlas V […]

  • Northrop Grumman’s GEM 63 undergoes 1st test fire

    September 20th, 2018

    The desolate, remote deserts of Utah came alive in fire and smoke during a test that heralded the introduction of powerful new launch vehicles onto the world stage.

  • Insider Live: Northrop Grumman’s GEM 63 first test fire

    September 19th, 2018

    Want to see exclusive live video of a GEM 63 rocket motor being tested? Only SpaceFlight Insider brings you live coverage from the test site in Utah. Tune in at 12:30 p.m. MDT / 2:30 p.m. EDT.

  • Chiefs of US, Russian space agencies weigh in on ISS leak

    September 14th, 2018

    With concerns raised about sabotage, the heads of the U.S. and Russian space agencies recently discussed the potential causes of the air leak discovered late last month.

  • SpaceX: Announcement coming Monday about private passengers flying on BFR around Moon

    September 13th, 2018

    SpaceX's Elon Musk is days away from an announcement regarding the BFR - and private passengers that travel to where few others have ventured to before.

  • Orion parachutes complete series of tests in lead up to EM-1

    September 13th, 2018

    The last in a series of eight planned tests of NASA's Orion spacecraft was completed on Wednesday, Sept. 12 - paving the way for the first combined flight of Orion and the new super heavy-lift booster.

  • Gallery: Telstar 18v Falcon 9 leaves Canaveral through skies, returns via the sea

    September 12th, 2018

    Another day another launch - and landing. SpaceFlight Insider's team of photographers captured exclusive imagery of the first stage of the Falcon 9's journey.

  • How was the exact location of the recent ISS air leak found?

    September 11th, 2018

    An air leak at the International Space Station was discovered and repaired at the end of August 2018. However, given the size of the outpost, how did the crew figure out where the leak was originating from?

  • Opinion: Musk marijuana story much ado about nothing

    September 9th, 2018

    Elon Musk smoked pot and drank whiskey in California. The story was painted as if the event was some bizarre Matthew McConaughey moment where Musk was banging on a bongo drum and smoking weed. After watching the 2.5-hour Joe Rogan interview, one is left with the impression that some in the media must be in desperate need of views.

  • Pressure mounts on Commercial Crew as Russia plans to stop flying U.S. astronauts to ISS

    September 5th, 2018

    Amidst worsening conditions between the United States and Russia, the contract that provides U.S. astronauts with transportation to and from the International Space Station - is a few months away from expiring. The close of this agreement coincides with the time that NASA and its commercial partners hope to conduct the first test flights of so-called "space taxis" to the orbiting lab.

  • Coalition for Deep Space Exploration remembers Paul Spudis

    September 4th, 2018

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Coalition for Deep Space Exploration (Coalition) and its member companies were deeply saddened to learn last week of the passing of Dr. Paul Spudis – scientist, visionary, and tireless advocate for lunar science, exploration and development.

  • InSight 3 months from checking Mars’ temperature

    September 4th, 2018

    While former NASA astronaut Scott Parazynski might have scaled Mount Everest, there are mountains on Mars that far outstrip even Everest's staggering 29,029-foot (8,848-meter) height. NASA has a spacecraft on its way to the Red Planet to try and find out why these peaks reach such heights.