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SCOTT JOHNSON – Marshall Space Flight Center Correspondent

Scott JohnsonScott earned both a Bachelor’s Degree in public administration, and a law degree, from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. He currently practices law in the Birmingham suburb of Homewood. Scott first visited Marshall in 1978 to get an up-close look at the first orbiter, Enterprise, which had been transported to Huntsville for testing. In 2006, he participated in an effort at the United States Space and Rocket Center (USSRC) to restore the Skylab 1-G Trainer. This led to a volunteer position, with the USSRC curator, where he worked to maintain exhibits and archival material, including flown space hardware.

Scott attended the STS-110, 116 and 135 shuttle launches, along with Ares I-X, MSL Atlas V and NROL-15 Delta IV Heavy launches. Most recently, he participated as a “citizen journalist” in the ULA Atlas V SBIRS GEO-2 TweetUp and launch. Johnson serves as SpaceFlight Insider’s Marshall Space Flight Center correspondent. @scojo1969

JIM SHARKEY – Vandenberg Air Force Base Correspondent

Jim SharkeyJim Sharkey is a lab assistant, writer and general science enthusiast who grew up in Enid, Oklahoma, the hometown of Skylab and Space Shuttle astronaut Owen K. Garriott. As a young Star Trek fan he participated in the letter-writing campaign which resulted in the Space Shuttle prototype being named Enterprise. While his academic studies have ranged from psychology and archaeology to biology, he has never lost his passion for space exploration.

Jim began blogging about science, science fiction and futurism in 2004 and has been writing about NASA and space issues for since 2011. Jim resides in the San Francisco Bay area and has attended NASA Socials for the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover landing and the NASA LADEE lunar orbiter launch. @madscienceskill


Collin Skocik space shuttle Atlantis SpaceFlight InsiderCollin R. Skocik has been captivated by space flight since the maiden flight of space shuttle Columbia in April of 1981. He frequently attends events hosted by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, and has met many astronauts in his experiences at Kennedy Space Center. He is a prolific author of science fiction as well as science and space-related articles. In addition to the Voyage Into the Unknown series, he has also written the short story collection The Future Lives!, the science fiction novel Dreams of the Stars, and the disaster novel The Sunburst Fire. His first print sale was Asteroid Eternia in Encounters magazine. When he is not writing, he provides closed-captioning for the hearing impaired. He lives in Atlantic Beach, Florida.


Jim RiceDr. Jim W. Rice, Jr., is an Astrogeologist at the Planetary Science Institute, he has over 25 years research experience specializing on the surface geology and history of water on Mars. Dr. Rice is currently a Co-Investigator and Geology Team Leader on the Mars Exploration Rover Project (Spirit and Opportunity). Rice also has extensive mission experience as Associate Project Scientist on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and Mars Odyssey Orbiter Projects. He has been involved in Mars landing site selection and certification activities for every NASA Mars Mission since Mars Pathfinder. His career includes working for NASA, Astrogeology Headquarters of the United States Geological Survey, the Mars Spaceflight Facility located at Arizona State University and the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory located at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Rice has extensive geological field experience studying a variety of Mars and Moon analog environments. He has been a leader and team member on numerous international geological field expeditions around the world including a 6 month long joint NASA/Russian expedition to Antarctica. This work included being a member of the SCUBA diving team to first investigate the perennially frozen lakes of eastern Antarctica. Rice has also served on numerous NASA Science Analysis Groups for manned missions back to the Moon and Mars. He has also trained and briefed NASA astronauts in geology and Mars exploration.


Heather Smith during Space Shuttle AtlantisHeather Smith’s fascination for space exploration – started at the tender age of twelve while she was on a sixth-grade field trip in Kenner, Louisiana, walking through a mock-up of the International Space Station and seeing the “space potty” (her terminology has progressed considerably since that time) – she realized at this point that her future lay in the stars. SpaceFlight Insider met Smith in 2012 and has worked with her to better cover the space exploration story.

Smith has come to realize that very few people have noticed how much spaceflight technology has improved their lives. She has since dedicated herself to correcting this problem. Inspired by such classic literature as Anne Frank’s Diary, she has honed her writing skills and has signed on as a writer/social media assistant for SpaceFlight Insider. Smith has represented SFI since the organization’s founding in 2013. @HeatherDSmith88


Laurel KornfeldLaurel Kornfeld is an amateur astronomer and freelance writer from Highland Park, NJ. Laurel enjoys writing about astronomy and planetary science. She studied journalism at Douglass College, Rutgers University, and earned a Graduate Certificate of Science from Swinburne University’s Astronomy Online program.

Her writing has been published online in The Atlantic, Astronomy magazine’s guest blog section, the UK Space Conference, the 2009 IAU General Assembly newspaper, The Space Reporter, and newsletters of various astronomy clubs. She is a member of the Cranford, NJ-based Amateur Astronomers, Inc. Especially interested in the outer solar system, Laurel gave a brief presentation at the 2008 Great Planet Debate held at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, MD. See more of her work here: Laurel Kornfeld. @plutosavior


Tomasz NowakowskiTomasz Nowakowski is the owner and operator of Astro Watch, a blog detailing key events in both space exploration and astronomy. Nowakowski was impressed at the level of coverage provided by the team at SpaceFlight Insider as well as the growing ranks of writers, photographers, sponsors and partners who have joined the SpaceFlight Insider movement. He reached out to SpaceFlight Insider’s founder to see if Astro Watch could become a partner with SFI and subsequently decided to join the team. His blog can be viewed here: Astro Watch. @Astro_Watch


JD TaylorJD Taylor is writer, photographer, videographer and member of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA). He is the owner and operator of USA in Space, a Washington, D.C. area based space interest website. Taylor is a long-time space enthusiast and was the Military Liaison officer of the Maryland Alliance for Space Colonization (MASC), one of the most successful chapters/affiliates of the L5 Society. He is a NASA Social alumni and a member of National Space Society (NSS). Taylor was recently interviewed on CNN’s New Day as a space reporter along with Miles O’Brien by Alisyn Camerota and has been present at a wide array of historic events stretching back to the very first flight of the shuttle program, STS-1. @Jeff_D_Taylor


Joe LatrellJoe Latrell is a life-long avid space enthusiast having created his own rocket company in Roswell, NM in addition to other consumer space endeavors. He continues to design, build and launch his own rockets and has a passion to see the next generation excited about the opportunities of space exploration. Joe lends his experiences from the corporate and small business arenas to organizations such as Teachers In Space, Inc. He is also actively engaged in his church investing his many skills to assist this and other non-profit endeavors. @photostospace


Rae BotsfordRae End is a freelance writer, with a particular affinity for stories about space and baseball (usually not simultaneously) and for research papers. Though her passion is for writing, she studied digital media and computer science at the University of Central Florida in an effort to expand her skills. She has a fondness for science fiction (from Isaac Asimov to Doctor Who), occasionally visits the Kennedy Space Center, is working to revise her first novel, and is allegedly a decent electric bass player. You can find a little more about her here: / @rae_bot

MICHAEL COLE – Glenn Research Center Correspondent

Michael ColeMichael Cole is a life-long space flight enthusiast and author of some 36 educational books on space flight and astronomy for Enslow Publishers. He lives in Findlay, Ohio, not far from Neil Armstrong’s birthplace of Wapakoneta. His interest in space, and his background in journalism and public relations suit him for his focus on research and development activities at NASA Glenn Research Center, and its Plum Brook Station testing facility, both in northeastern Ohio.

Cole reached out to SpaceFlight Insider and asked to join SpaceFlight Insider as the first member of the organization’s “Team Glenn.” He has since reported on numerous events from the historic center.

Larry Klaes

Larry KlaesLarry Klaes is an author, technical writer, and freelance journalist specializing in news and educational work on the sciences – with a special focus on space. An ardent supporter of bioastronomy and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), Larry’s past endeavors include serving as the editor of SETIQuest magazine, as well as working for the Northeastern U.S. Regional Coordinator for The SETI League, and coordinator for the Columbus Optical SETI Observatory.

Larry was also President of both the Boston chapter of the National Space Society (NSS) and the Cornell Astronomical Society (CAS) and the co-founder and former editor of the Electronic Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic (EJASA).

Curt Godwin

Curt GodwinCurt Godwin has been a fan of space exploration for as long as he can remember, keeping his eyes to the skies from an early age. Initially majoring in Nuclear Engineering, Curt later decided that computers would be a more interesting – and safer – career field.

He’s worked in education technology for more than 20 years, and has been published in industry and peer journals, and is a respected authority on wireless network engineering. Throughout this period of his life, he maintained his love for all things space and has written about his experiences at a variety of NASA events, both on his personal blog and as a freelance media representative. @Crow_T_Robot

Bart Leahy

Bart LeahyBart Leahy a freelance technical writer whose career has included work for The Walt Disney Company, NASA, the Department of Defense, Nissan, commercial space companies, and others. His career in the space industry began at NASA, where he supported the Constellation Program, Ares Launch Vehicles, the Ares I-X flight test, SERVIR program and the Space Launch System. As part of Zero Point Frontiers Corp., he provided technical writing support for Virgin Galactic, The Golden Spike Company, and other projects.

In addition to his work for Spaceflight Insider, Bart has written for, Ad Astra, and The Space Review. His professional blog, which shares insights about technical writing in the workplace, is Heroic Technical Writing. @scicheergopher

Mackenzie Kane

Mackenzie KaneMackenzie Kane is currently working towards receiving her Bachelors degree in Planetary Sciences and Physics at the Florida Institute of Technology. For the past several years, Kane’s area of active research has been with NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope mission and its search for extrasolar planets.

Kane has a deep love of learning about the mysteries that space holds through the ever-growing technology that is launched into orbit. My goal upon graduation is to continue writing about the exciting research and technology furthering our presence in space and delivering it to the public in easily accessible ways. Kane was accepted as the second intern from Florida Tech to write for SpaceFlight Insider and our outlet will now work to provide her with access and experience.

Paul Knightly

Paul KightlyPaul Knightly is currently a graduate student in Space and Planetary Sciences at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. He grew up in the Kansas City area and developed an interest in space at a young age at the start of the twin Mars Exploration Rover missions in 2003. Knightly began his studies in aerospace engineering before switching over to geology at Wichita State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in 2013. After working as an environmental geologist for a civil engineering firm, Knightly began his graduate studies in 2016 and is actively working towards a PhD that will focus on the surficial processes of Mars. He also participated in a 2-week simulation at The Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station in 2014 and remains involved in analogue mission studies today.

Paul has been interested in science outreach and communication over the years which in the past included maintaining a personal blog on space exploration from high school through his undergraduate career and in recent years he has given talks at schools and other organizations over the topics of geology and space. He is excited to bring his experience as a geologist and scientist to the Spaceflight Insider team writing primarily on space science topics. @PaulKnightly

Lloyd Campbell

Lloyd Campbell at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Space Launch Complex 37 with NASA's EFT-1. Photo courtesy of the author posted on SpaceFlight InsiderLloyd Campbell’s first interest in space began when he was a very young boy in the 1960s with NASA’s Gemini and Apollo programs. That passion continued in the early 1970s with our continued exploration of our Moon, and was renewed by the Shuttle Program. Having attended the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery on its final two missions, STS-131, and STS-133, he began to do more social networking on space and that developed into writing more in-depth articles. Since then he’s attended the launch of the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover, the agency’s new crew-rated Orion spacecraft on Exploration Flight Test 1, and multiple other uncrewed launches. In addition to writing, Lloyd has also been doing more photography of launches and aviation. He enjoys all aspects of space exploration, both human, and robotic, but his primary passions lie with human exploration and the vehicles, rockets, and other technologies that allow humanity to explore space. @cycleroadie

Ocean McIntyre

SpaceFlight Insider writer Ocean McIntyreA native of the Greater Los Angeles area, Ocean McIntyre’s writing is focused primarily on science (STEM and STEAM) education and public outreach. McIntyre is a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador as well as holding memberships with The Planetary Society, Los Angeles Astronomical Society, and is a founding member of

McIntyre is currently studying astrophysics and planetary science with additional interests in astrobiology, cosmology and directed energy propulsion technology. With SpaceFlight Insider seeking to expand the amount of science articles it produces, McIntyre was a welcomed addition to our growing team.

Jerome Strach

Jerome Strach SpaceFlight Insider WriterJerome Strach has worked within the Silicon Valley community for 20 years his work has involved software, entertainment and the film industry. Along with experience in software engineering, quality assurance, and middle management, he has long been a passionate fan of aerospace and space exploration efforts  as well as the agencies and companies that make these endeavors possible. 

A voracious reader, model builder, student of photography and flight training, most of his spare time can be found focused on launch events and technology advancements including custom mobile app development. With his favorite memory as a child being the building and flying of Estes rockets with his father, Strach leapt at the opportunity to write for SpaceFlight Insider. @Romn8tr