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Pedro VazquezPedro A. Vazquez first developed a deep interest in spaceflight after witnessing the launch of STS-1 the first space shuttle mission, from the shores of the Banana River. As a longtime Central Florida resident, he became enamored with the roaring liftoffs and thunderous sonic booms which were the hallmarks of key moments in shuttle missions. As an avid skydiver whose home dropzone Skydive Space Center in Titusville, Fl . hosted frequent shuttle liftoff skydiving events, he has viewed launches from a unique point of view. His past credited affiliations include Nickelodeon Studios and Discovery Channel where he contributed to live audience and scripted shows such as Games and Sports for Kids (Nick G.A.S.), Slime Time Live, and Home Matters. His photography and videography skills have also been instrumental in the preservation of evidence in hundreds of civil litigation cases. He continues to share his deep affinity for spaceflight with anyone within earshot and is especially interested in outreach to the next generation of space explorers. @deliciousblur


Justin Beaupre on NASA Vehicle Assembly Building posted on SpaceFlight InsiderJustin Beaupre is a Graduate from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, in Daytona Beach Florida  where he received a bachelors degree in Air Traffic Management. Beaupre has worked in the photography and video production field since his early days in high school, and has worked on many short films, music videos, and was the lead Editor of a feature film.

Although Beaupre’s love of space has always been present, his deep exploration started when he saw his first shuttle launch, STS-101, across the river from the Saturn V center at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Ever since, he has attended numerous NASA Socials, and has watched numerous launches from the Cape.

Beaupre was brought to the attention of SpaceFlight Insider by our writer and photographer Laurel Ann Whitlock – and has joined SFI as a video production assistant. @JustinBeaupre